Pools & Landscaping

Pools & Landscaping


‘Make a splash’ with YM swimming pools


From conception to completion, York Management specialise in building superior quality swimming pools.

Our knowledge, expertise and commitment means each pool is a unique statement of its owner; whether you want a pool to keep fit, keep the young and young at heart happy or simply create your own personal utopia; you can be sure our knowledge and commitment means your pool will be distinctive in every way.

New Innovations such as booms to separate indoor and outdoor pools, fibre optic lighting and different types of materials used to line a swimming pool mean the possibilities are endless.

The team at YM have been building pools and water features for over 13 years. We offer turnkey solutions, taking care of every single aspect of design and construction.

We work closely with clients and architects, discuss the pool or spa concept, agree every detail of the project, and provide precise costs for all components. This approach ensures that we deliver exactly what is required within the agreed budget.

With such a long heritage in designing bespoke swimming pools and spas in the UK and Thailand, we have developed a unique and versatile range of construction methods that allows us to build in almost any style and in any location.




The perfect way to finish off your pool is to surround it with a beautiful landscape. That’s why our professional landscaping service goes hand in hand with our swimming pools.

It is not just about adding a few plants, flowers, bushes and trees; although we have enjoyed the challenge of successfully importing and planting enormous trees.



We work with you to develop a design that totally transforms the area around your home.

We can completely change the shape and profile of your land; techniques such as mounding, backfilling and terracing create a wonderful new terrain.

As well as looking beautiful, this can increase the amount of space which can be used for outdoor activities.

We build a wide variety of structures; patios, decking, walls and fences; and will help you to choose a style that suits your desires.

Landscaping has been performed for centuries and although we haven’t been around for as long as that, we have learnt from those who went before; as far back as the ancient Mayans; the YM team are masters in the art of creating a beautiful environment.


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